Valley Bee Supply


Valley Bee Supply, Inc. provides a hands-on approach to beekeeping in order to encourage, assist and provide education. 

The retail store provides an opportunity to compare, touch, and visualize when making decisions about supplies and equipment required for beekeeping. The company’s founder, Shane Clatterbaugh started the business in August 2011 in Fishersville, VA. He began beekeeping as a hobby, but as his hobby progressed, he became aware of the need for a local beekeeping resource in the Shenandoah Valley.

Valley Bee Supply’s retail store offers a full line of beekeeping supplies and equipment for beekeepers of all levels that include woodenware, hive bodies, supers, frames, foundation, extractors, containers, protective clothing, packaged bees, queens and nucs (in season).

Experienced beekeepers are on-site and available to answer any questions that arise when keeping bees. Valley Bee Supply does raw honey production as Mossy Creek Apiaries located on site.  Services include on-site evaluations, hive inspections, swarm and feral colony removal, and farm hive rentals for crop pollination.  Education and support are provided to encourage beekeeping, and to make beekeeping easier, less expensive and more convenient.  Due to high customer demand and increased public interest in beekeeping, operations have expanded to online sales at Also, Shane began a woodenware manufacturing facility in 2013. Custom orders for hives and hive components are available by special order.

Shane is a member of the Virginia State Beekeepers Association, American Beekeeping Federation, and The Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association. He currently serves as Vice President of the local Association.

Honeybees on Flowers